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(کسی که پول و وقت شما را هدر نمی دهد ، حرفه ایست - A Leaner , Meaner Professional)

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سیستم های کنفرانس دیجیتالی

مقدمه ای بر تاریخچه شرکت

کمپانی تایوانی ” چاونگ یدا ” در سال 1999 تاسیس شد و توسط گروهی از متخصصان الکتروآکوستیک آلمانی تکنسینها و نخبگان بخش تحقیق و توسعه بازار در آمریکا تلیوان چین  در سال 2004 به Ymioo  تغییر نام داد . محصولات این شرکت شامل سیستم های دیجیتال کنفرانس ، سیستم های کنفرانس بی سیم ، سیستم های کنفرانس گردن غازی ، سیستم های ترجمه همزمان و بسیاری دیگر از محصولات مرتبط می باشند.

سیستم کنفرانس دیجیتال

SCDM500A is a highperformance host meetings, meetings with a variety of selection mode (the floor model, a spokesman for the number of options), with extended features, the use of the perfect voice processing technology, the use of a balanced module, noise suppression and digital Technology Control feedback frequency shift can be sent to the eight kinds of units to speak of the voice channel, with a vote on the functions and data management functions, with YMIOO control system and other equipment in the joint use of technology to achieve high-end conferencing systems.

سیستم های کنفرانس دیجیتال

① The S-CDM601B chairman microphone unit S-CDM601C ghostwriter microphone unit with unique patented technology, specially designed anti-RF interference hose, completely put an end to the noise of Zizi, showing perfect senior
The ② unique microphone cover designs, so that the speakers even without wind cotton cover, but also completely eliminate the low-frequency impact sound of the ‘puff’
The core of of ③ professional large capacitor microphone, high sensitivity and speech intelligibility, and with speech circular red, green bi-color LED, red light ring light, said the floor, the green light ring light that the applicant waiting to speak
④ professional DSP processing design, the speaker’s voice is clearer, with the function in whistle
The ⑤ professional plug-in hose design, completely put an end to shake loose, noise and other issues to facilitate the transportation and construction
The address code of each unit can be, at any time free to adjust to facilitate construction
The ⑥ unit as a passive device by the system host power supply, input voltage of 24V, is a safe range
The ⑦ hand in hand cable is connected in series mode, easy to install and maintain
⑧ Chairman unit connection position is not restricted, can be connected in series in any part of the line
The ⑨ Chairman machine has full control of the meeting the order of priority, can approve or reject on behalf of units of speech application for
⑩ a system can support more than one chairman unit is the same time

کنسول های سخنران دیجیتال ( دیجیتال سخنرانی )

1.a unique patented technology, in particular the design of antiRF interference hoses, will not eliminate the zizi noise, showing a perfect highlevel meeting 2.patent original designs, fully reflects the trend of designers to grasp the aesthetic vision of the world
3.microphone unique cover designs, so that even if the speakers do not cover wind and cotton, but also completely eliminate the “pupu” the impact of low-frequency sound
4.core professional microphone large capacitance, high sensitivity, and voice clarity, and to speak with the ring of red, green two-color indicator light
5.can inhibit the feedback noise function, when the microphone is turned on, the built-in speaker will automatically shut down
6.With the background of the LCD display screen light, you can clear the use of the current
7.DSP to deal with the use of professional design, the speakers voice more clearly
8. Module with builtspeakers, headphone jack, adjust the volume with the headphones
Cascade unit 8 professional air core plugs, and fixed with a metal nut, will not loosen, fall off
9.Unit comes with 2 m 8core connection wire using all aluminum + water shield, greatly reduce the strong interference of electromagnetic waves on the wire, in order to avoid the “zizi” noise
10. Code Address of the modules can, at any time free to adjust to facilitate the construction
11.modules for passive devices, by the host system power supply, input voltage of 24V, the scope of a security Hand in hand  cable series model, easy to install and maintain
12.President of the joint unit restriction may be in series in any part of line
13.machine which has full powers to the President of the order of priority control function
14.a system can support multiple machines at the same time the President of units
15.Chairman unit set to vote, vote, election, discussion, video and other functions

سیستم کنفرانس دیجیتال بی سیم ( WiFi)

Wireless receiver host uses UHF radio frequency carrier signal transmission has ultra-wideband 10 channel adjustable, powerful data processing capabilities, performance stability, using an analog audio signal conversion technology DSP digital signal by the digital modulation / demodulation of the digital environment, noise suppression technology built-in 4×1 1 video matrix tracking feature, the tracking system of the smart meeting.

میکروفون های مقاوم در برابر اختلالات فرکانس

CM648 / RF technology art and number

Products type number: CM648 / RF
The radio head: fixed charge backs, permanent polar capacitor radio head, strong resistance to RF radio frequency interference
Point to feature: single orientated
Frequency response: 30 Hz-20 KHz
Resistance of:250ohms
Maximum input pressure level:138db,1kHzatMaxSPL
Dynamic range (typical):116db,1kHzatMaxSPL
Signal-to-noise ratio:70db,1kHz at1Pa
Illusion power supply:11-52V DC,2mAtypical
Output connectors: built-in three needle XLRM card LongGong head

Color: black lacquer that bake mist side

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